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About Us


LAD Workspaces was founded by Vivek Somani, a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in various industries. Post his graduation from IIT Delhi in 2010, Vivek has successfully managed and grown multiple businesses, including his families traditional granite business and started up in ed-tech , co-working and managed office spaces sector.

When COVID and lockdowns hit in 2020, Vivek realized the need for high-quality WFH office furniture in India. He recognized that customers were looking for compact furniture that was not only functional and ergonomic but also beautiful, stylish and robust. he took upon himself to create a brand that could deliver on all fronts.

Vivek's vision for LAD Workspaces is to create a brand that is recognized for its commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver products that exceed customer expectations. When not working for LAD Workspaces, Vivek spends his time stuck in traffic in Bellandur like any other true Bengaluru citizen.


At LAD Workspaces, we take great pride in our manufacturing expertise. We have a state-of-the-art factory located in Bangalore, India, that is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to produce top-quality furniture. Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that every piece of furniture we produce meets the highest standards of quality, durability, and design.

Our manufacturing process allows us to produce furniture at a large scale without sacrificing quality. Our factory has the capacity to produce furniture in large quantities, which means that we can offer competitive pricing to our customers without compromising on quality. Having our own manufacturing facility also enables us to customize as per customer requests which we do quite often.

About Us


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